The election has been over for weeks.  The media is anxious to get back to a pre-Trump world and several prominent conservatives say the president should concede the election to Joe Biden.  I believe that would be a big mistake.  To quote Lara Trump, "so we're to believe that a guy (Biden) who couldn't draw 12 people to a rally garnered more votes than anyone in American History"?

Joe Biden owes it to the American Public to demand an extensive forensic investigation into what happened on election night.  If Biden did truly win, then he will credibly certify his claim to the presidency.  Like it or not, half of the people in this country voted for President Donald Trump.  If those voters do not have faith in the voting process, then we're all in deep trouble.

Let's face it, they're too many unanswered questions.  For example, how does someone go from winning the presidency at 2am to losing it by 9am?  Where did all of these 'found' ballots come from and who found them?  How about all the poll watchers that were removed from the ballot counting process?  Why weren't they allowed to observe the continued vote counting?

Conspiracy theories aside, what's the deal with the voting machines?  If have doubts about whether or not they can be manipulated, why would we care to vote ever again if the results are predetermined like professional wrestling?'

Only Joe Biden can call for a clear, concise, and fair audit of the election process.  What's he have to fear unless he was in on it?


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