President Donald Trump made international news yesterday by announcing that America would remove itself from the Iran Nuclear Agreement. Critics denounce the president's decision as a mistake.  Although, most Americans agree that the agreement did not live up to its merits.  The Iranians have been known for years to back terrorism around the world.  Why would any country trust them to keep their word?

Remember it was former President Obama's call not to ratify this agreement, otherwise known as a treaty, through Congress, which is required by the Constitution. Ben Rhodes openly bragged about creating a 'narrative' to see the bogus deal to the American Public.

We don't have to travel back to 1979 to know that the Iranian Government cannot be trusted.  It's refreshing that we have a president in Donald Trump that calls it like it is in the world.

He may not be politically correct, but he does get things done. The economy is up, the Koreas could be uniting, and Iran is being held accountable. If that's not making America great again, I don't know what is.

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