As the nation prepares for the alleged student protests, one has to wonder if the kids are exercising their free will? Many parents and others share the same view that I do, is that kids should be in school learning, not learning how to protest.

The media tells us that local school districts are preparing their staffs on how to handle the walkouts. Is this movement hype or a legitimate event? What's the proper way to handle this situation? I would say simply.

If you leave class, without a parental note, you're truant. I know we don't seem to use that word these days. However, old-fashioned enforcement of school truancy codes would solve this problem. As I've written before, the protests would have more impact if the kids didn't diss their school's responsibilities.

Area schools have sent out letters that say they're sensitive to the feelings of their kids. The adults still run the school so shouldn't the adults decide whether or not a protest is endorsed by the faculty? Are we leading or following the dribble of the progressive political left?

I'd urge all students to stay in class and skip the protests.

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