In the end, President Trump did not have a choice.  His handpicked 'cleaner' Anthony Scaramucci resembled a character in the movie My Cousin Vinny that someone who could handle the zany White House Press Corps.  Sean Spicer appears to be the smartest guy in the room.    To no one's surprise, the Donald fired the Mooch today as White House Communications Director.  An end to the bad call of hiring Scaramucci in the first place.  Just because someone is a great guest on the Fox Business Channel, does not mean that they can handle the high pressure world of feeding the beast that is the national press corps.

In an odd sense of irony, it was the firing of Reince Preibus, that the Mooch predicted, that ultimately led to his demise.  According to several reports, the new chief, John Kelly, was not a fan of Anthony's one man media blitz.  Add to the strange recorded meltdown last week, and simply put, the Mooch had to go.

Being a bar knuckles street fighter my work on Wall Street and the WWE, it doesn't translate to the Oval Office.  If President Trump did not boot the Mooch, his actions would've been interpreted as endorsing Scaramucci's insensitive language and callous behavior.

Let's hope the infighting and leaks are over so the White House can focus on making America Great Again.

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