How President Trump and Governor Otter can stop the Reefer Madness of state's legalized pot.    The White House made news recently when they vowed to crack down on state's that legalized pot.  Currently there are nine states that have made pot legal.  Never mind that federal law prohibits legal weed for recreational use.  The Trump Administration has decided to enforce the law that the Obama's had let slide.

Governor Otter sent a letter to the president urging him to help Idaho which is surrounded by legalized pot states, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington.  In his letter, he complained about the lack of consistency in enforcement.

A few pro pot folks fired back at the president and the governor, according to the Idaho Statesman.  The Marijuana Majority Chairman Tom Angell told the paper that Idaho should join the other states and legalize weed.

Thankfully President Trump and Governor Otter are right to enforce the federal law.  It's irresponsible for the chief executive of our nation to pick and choose which laws to enforce.  Unfortunately several states will have to feel the pain that would have been avoided if former President Obama had acted responsibly.  Without consistent federal law, why not look at legalizing other crimes?  Perhaps prostitution or other drugs?

Pandora must be put back in her box.  Leave it to the Donald and Butch to get it done!


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