The first presidential debate had just finished, and the media was at it again. Instead of looking at the content of last night's debate, we had the media acting like our mommy and daddy by saying we shouldn't have any more presidential debates. Big media says President Trump behaved badly, so badly that no more debates are necessary. They wish that they were right!


If the press cared to report the truth, they would highlight Bumbling Biden calling the president a clown and telling him to shut up. The president focused on his record by contrasting his administration to the Obama / Biden years.
Sure Chris Wallace could've done a better job. However, can anyone control the president or Biden? What America needs is more of these debates, not less. We had significant news anchors using profanity on the air. (Great role models, folks.)
Our favorite comment was from CNN's Jake Tapper, who said a friend texted him claiming President Trump drove their 6th to tears due to his behavior. Has that 6th grader ever watched a Youtube video?


America was founded on discourse and debate. We need to be uncomfortable when watching our politicians earn our votes. The American People should decide who they vote for by hearing from the candidates. Why not weekly debates? Monthly debates? The stakes are so high, why not expose more folks to their potential leaders?
The media is not the judge and jury about what is right or wrong with America. The media should report the news and not try to become the news.



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