In a critical decision this week, the people of Caldwell will determine the future of their city's fire protection services. Caldwell is seeking the green light for a $17.3 million bond, with the goal of revitalizing Station 1 in the downtown area and constructing a brand new Station 4.

The pressing need for these two modern fire stations stems from a significant increase in call volume since 2018, coupled with the estimated population growth of approximately 13,000 residents and the addition of 4,300 new structures.

With Station 1's aging infrastructure and impractical expansion options, the new Station 4 offers a cost-effective solution that also greatly benefits Nampa Fire.

Chase J. | Google Maps | Caldwell Fire Department
Chase J. | Google Maps | Caldwell Fire Department

According to a recent press release from the City of Caldwell, these proposed fire stations are expected to reduce response times, accommodate the growing population, and provide better facilities for the city's firefighters. Mayor Jarom Wagoner encourages all citizens to stay informed about these vital public safety initiatives and make their voices heard at the ballot on November 7th.

The special municipal bond election, as per Idaho law, is set for November 7th, 2023, from 8:00am to 8:00pm. If approved, the bonds will improve Caldwell's fire facilities, ensuring community safety, with an estimated 3.95% annual interest rate, totaling $24,960,000 over 20 years. As of November 7th, 2023, the city has no existing debt.

For informed voting, Caldwell residents can access resources on the city's website, including response time maps, an informative video, growth statistics, and a historical timeline of Caldwell's fire services.

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