Although marijuana is not legal in Idaho, we're becoming the exception as our neighbor states Washington, Oregon, and Nevada have legalized it.  Could Idaho be next?

Law enforcement officials have noted that seizures penalties have increased here since our neighbor states began to legalize weed.  Washington started first, then Oregon, and Nevada was the latest last fall.

Idaho hasn't seemed to get any closer to the legalization, as neither recreational or medicinal usage is permitted inside Idaho.  Possession charges, which are misdemeanors up to 3 ounces, become felonies for anything beyond.

Over the last few years, there have been multiple attempts to legalize medicinal usage in the state, but those failed either by not passing the signature threshold or with problems with the structure of the proposals.

There does seem to be more openness from Idaho legislators about the possibility of medicinal usage, but so far, recreational usage doesn't seem like it would be passed in our state.

KSL TV in Salt Lake City took a look at our situation, and you can find that story HERE.

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