The WWE announced that they're looking traveling across the country looking for their next WWE Superstar. The sports entertainment company will hold tryouts throughout the country, primarily on college campuses. And yes, the WWE is coming to Boise State as part of the tour.

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Several other universities will be part of the 'Campus Rush Tour.' The WWE took to social media to announce the event. In the old days, wrestling companies sought to recruit their next stars from smaller companies, otherwise known as the territories. The territories got workers who either worked in other areas or were fresh from professional wrestling school. (Yes, there are schools across the country, and in Idaho and Utah, where you can learn how to become a professional wrestler.)

What is the WWE looking for at Boise State?

The Athletic reported what the wrestling company would look for in Boise and the other college campuses. Some of their most famous current stars were stand-out college athletes. The WWE's Tribal Chief Roman Reins played college football for Georgia Tech. Professional wrestling legends such as 'Big Cat' Ernie Ladd, Wahoo McDaniel, and Steve McMichael played in the NFL before finding post-professional football success in the squared circle.

In an interesting business twist, the WWE is signing some current athletes to a NIL deal. (Name Image and Likeness.) The athletes can continue to compete in college sports but be paid for endorsements or other opportunities. Boise State recently completed a deal for the entire football team to receive NIL money due to all the players being featured on trading cards sold at Jackson's.

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