They're at it again; the Global Change advocates are at it again. The Western Drought that we're all going through is due to massive global warming. Although, how anyone can make that claim is understandable. The Global Warming business is a popular one to be in, and even our own Governor Brad Little says he believes in climate change.

I have yet to see the evidence that we are in a global warming scenario. The scientists who expose the warming belief tell us to look at the rising temperatures in the West. However, most of the 'American West' is in the desert. The desert is always hot, dry and there is no rain. That's why they call it a desert because it doesn't rain a lot.

CNN predicts that the feds will declare the area around the Colorado River a water shortage for the first time. I'm sure we'll have the dynamic duo of progressive climate change President Biden and Vice President Harris call for more environmental regulations to save the planet. The problem with ecological restrictions is that industrial countries like China, India, and Russia do not follow them. They're the world's biggest polluters, not our country.

There has never been a debate on whether or not the world is getting warmer. Are we in a normal warming cycle, or has the industrial revolution caused our drought conditions? Despite the efforts of Al Gore and his crew through numerous treaties, the world continues to get warmer except when we have a massive cold wave in the winter.

It's up to us to look at all the information critically instead of digesting whatever the liberal media feeds us.

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