Jacob Sternberg / KIDO Talk Radio

It's time for our annual salute to our dads; the unsung heroes who excel in anonymity for the benefit of their children. With respect to moms, is there a greater responsibility than being a good dad? In this world where the media highlights the disturbing number of men who abandon their families, let's celebrate the ones who make a difference in our lives.

(A brief disclaimer. I'll never be a dad, but that's okay. As my friend Nancy Grace once told me, 'that wasn't God's plan for me.') However, I sure do appreciate my dad who taught me the meaning of responsibility and being selfless. It gives me great joy to see my parents enjoying themselves in retirement. That wasn't always the case with my dad; he rarely took time off. When he did go on vacation, it was usually serving his country in the Air Force or fixing one of his beloved VW Beatles while listening to an eight-track of Credence Clearwater Rival.

Like you, I've been blessed to see good dads every day. They're with us with only one goal in mind, to make a better life for their children. Dads inspire. Whether it's the young dad, wrestling with his nearly two-year-old daughter. The older dad that understands that memories are the real commodity when it comes to his kid.

In a perfect world, popular culture would celebrate the sacrifice of dads on every platform. That's a wish that I have until that happens, we can do our very best to tell dad in person and writing, how they inspired us to be who we are. How their example has molded us to do our very best to emulate them. I can think of a no greater message on this Father's Day Weekend.

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