Paul sent out a tweet urging everyone to vote for Paulette.  You can see it right here.


Jordan is running for Senate against incumbent Republican Senator Jim Risch.  Jordan ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2018 against Brad Little.  This is the first major endorsement of the campaign cycle.  Jordan still has to win the Democratic Primary against two fellow Democrats to take on Risch.

Political operatives believe Jordan will draw high profile endorsements for her Senate race.  She has cultivated a national following with her multiple national television appearances.  Risch is the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the United States Senate.  He has garnered the title of the 'most conservative senator' in that legislative body.

Could the race for the Senate lead to a visit to Idaho from President Donald Trump?  The president has expressed his support for the senator in the past.  Idaho is one of the few states that hasn't had a presidential visit yet.

2020 will be a crucial year for politics as the president runs for re-election and the Democrats seek to regain the Senate and keep the House.

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