The DNC is holding a virtual convention instead of being on site in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Some call it the Zoom or Teams convention at most folks are watching their fellow Americans cheering Democrats virtually.If television ratings are any indication of election results, the Democrats could be in trouble this November.  Ratings are a quarter lower than four years ago when Hillary Clinton was holding off Bernie Sanders.  CNN reports that the first night of the convention was down 24% from 2016's night one.  Although surrogates explain that the digital consumption has improved drastically from from 2016.

Although the first two nights featured big political heavyweights Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton, and Jill Biden, people did not tune to their sets to watch the speeches.

Fox News was the third ranked cable network during the nightly convention hours.  MSNBC was the big winner followed by CNN.  Experts say more viewers should tune in as former President Barrack Obama and Democratic nominee Joe Biden take the stage.

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