Some would call it one of the worst-kept political secrets in Idaho; activist Ammon Bundy will declare his candidacy for governor Saturday at Kleiner Park in Meridian at 4 pm. One would be gravely mistaken to underestimate the Bundy family. They fought the law and won. Whether you want to recall the national attention of their showdowns with the federal government in Nevada or Oregon, the Bundy Family should not be easily dismissed as a political fringe group.  

Mr. Bundy Meets The Sheriff
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Could we see Ammon declare a founding of a third party in the Gem State? Tom Luna, the state Republican Chairman, announced that Mr. Bundy was not welcomed to compete in the Idaho Republican Party Gubernatorial Primary. You can read our reporting when Mr. Bundy first was rumored to run for Idaho's top spot.  Can a candidate win a Republican Primary when the party chairman is against you? If you've fought the feds, what's a little fight between you and a political party?  

Kevin Miller Cliven Bundy Part 1 Tuesday Morning
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Have you heard his commercials inviting Idahoans to his kickoff event? They sound more like an invitation to a family cookout. Cliven Bundy will be there and the rest of the Bundy Family, serving hamburgers from the Bundy Ranch. When is the last time you've heard or seen a politician invite you to an event where he and his family will be serving you food from his ranch? There's a specific type of charm to the spot that makes it stand out.

Photo by George Frey/Getty Images
Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

Ammon Bundy's candidacy should be given the same treatment as any other candidate running for office. Whether you agree with his views or not, you have to admire his commitment to our state.  

Inside The Fight To Save The West
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