School violence is a concern of everyone in America. The last decade in Idaho saw many attempts by Idahoans to arm teachers.

Teachers can be armed in Idaho under current state law with the permission of the local school board. A new proposed bill sponsored by State Representative Chad Christensen would empower teachers with the state's enhanced conceal and carry a gun in schools without permission. Newsweek reports that HB 122 passed a committee by the vote of 11-2. It will now move to the full House for a vote. If approved by the House, the Senate will have the opportunity to decide if teachers should carry without permission in the classroom.

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Idaho is currently the 2nd most gun-friendly state in the country, according to Guns and Ammo Magazine. It wasn't that long ago that Idaho was not as pro-Second Amendment as it is today. The work of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance staff and volunteers did not rest until Idahoans has the right to conceal carry without a permit from the government. Idahoans formed the group to expand and protect gun rights in Idaho.

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Greg Pruett of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance testified before the committee. He shared with us its importance. "The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance wants to do everything we can to ensure that our children are protected in school. While the nation needs to focus on the mental health of kids who get to the point of wanting to kill their classmates, we must take action to deter would-be killers from attacking our schools. HB 122 is a good step toward ensuring teachers, administrators, or other employees can arm themselves, if they desire, and possibly stop a mass killing. While we appreciate the great risk our law enforcement take in doing their jobs, they simply can't be everywhere at once and most likely won't arrive in time to stop such a mass killing. That means our children need a quicker line-of-defense."

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If this legislation passes, it will be another significant move to strengthen the gun rights of Idahoans. The School board and law enforcement agencies are not in favor of the bill. They argue that arming teachers will endanger classrooms, not liberate them. Lack of training and mental health issues were some of the concerns mentioned during the hearing.

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We'll continue to update you on this critical legislation. We'd invite you to discuss your thoughts on the bill with me every morning on KIDO Talk Radio.

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