As much as we'd like to think, 'all you have to do is flip a switch' and instantly you have KIDO Talk Radio, it was a project that was years in the making.  Here's how it happened...  KIDO is Idaho's first radio station and has been the flagship for news, opinion, and information for almost ninety years.  Through World Wars, economic challenges, and life changing events, KIDO has been there for the Treasure Valley.  Now KIDO is on the FM dial.

Because of your continued support, KIDO will now be adding an FM simulcast to 580 AM.  We will still proudly broadcast on the traditional home of Idaho's First Radio Station.  With the additional signal, your favorite talk show hosts will now be heard by a new audience.  To make this addition it took a lot of time an effort.

Check out Kevin Miller's explanation video on how the signal will get to your FM receiver.


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