Remember when we reached out to the governor's office the last month ago asking if Idaho would welcome Afghan refugees like Oregon and Washington? We didn't hear back from the governor's office on our question, but we now know that President Biden has ordered Idaho to accept hundreds of Afghan refugees.

The governor and the delegation wrote Joe that he'd better uphold the vetting standards regarding the Afghans coming to Idaho. Will Joe listen to anyone outside of his own inner circle? Perhaps the folks in Boise and Twin Falls that voted for Biden will reconsider their vote once they see Joe's power grab? Letters are nice, but elections have consequences.

If you'd like to read the scolding letter to the president, here is the link.  Governor Little expressed his thoughts on the Afghans coming to town.

President Biden Arrives in Boise

President Biden is greeted by protesters during his visit to Boise, Idaho.

"As we reflect on the events that have transpired over the last two decades, our hearts continue to go out to all Americans and Afghan allies who have sacrificed throughout the conflict. It is our nation's responsibility to provide safety to those who have stood alongside America even in the most difficult of times," the letter said. "With that said, the State of Idaho will not tolerate a change to the vetting process in order to expedite the resettlement of refugees. This multi-phase vetting process must include medical screenings and U.S. intelligence and law enforcement database checks."

The governor will rely on the resources of the Idaho State Police and the refugee resettlement community to vet the new arrivals to Idaho.  Governor Little did bring up the seemingly forgotten 10th Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

(Do the states have rights anymore?)

"The United States of America is a republic that enshrines the role of states in the 10th Amendment, and we expect that you coordinate and work with the states," said Governor Little.  He did use the resettlement issue to bring up the Bungling Biden Border Crisis.

"We must continue to focus our efforts on urging the President and Congress to act and protect Americans by ending illegal immigration from Mexico," Governor Little said.

Would it have been out of line for the governor to confront the president when he was in town on Monday? Idaho is a welcoming state. We welcome our Afghan allies and hope they find Idaho a safe, happy, and prosperous home. We wish Joe Biden would give Idaho the same respect the Constitution instructs him to follow.\

On the other hand, the Lauren McLean had this message for the new arrivals.

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