Several years ago, then Idaho Governor Butch Otter declared that the Gem State was the 'reddest of the red states' in America.  From the outside, Idaho has a majority of elected officials in all branches of state government.  However, a blue wave is coming to our state led by national Democratic candidates hoping to turn our state purple and then eventually blue.

President Obama visited Idaho twice, once as a candidate and another as commander in chief. The Gem State is now drawing attention from several high profile national Democratic candidates.

Mike Bloomberg is spending some of his millions of campaign cash to open an office in Boise.  Recently, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance held a rally outside Bloomberg's headquarters to welcome the former NYC Mayor to Boise.  Over 300 Idahoans peacefully protested Bloomberg's financing of anti gun legislation.

Bernie Sanders is not coming to Idaho, yet.  However, his supporters are organizing the second annual 'Bernfest' march to the capitol.  The march will take place this weekend and you can find out more info by clicking here. 

Finally, the failed former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Peter Buttigiege will be the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for the Idaho State Democratic Party.  Democrat Boise Mayor Lauren McLean has endorsed Buttigiege.  The mayor saying that this could be our last chance to fight climate change.  Let's hope she shares the same enthusiasm for keeping her campaign promises about out of control development.

So is Idaho going from red to blue?  Not yet, however these new incursions into the Gem State prove that the liberals no longer fear Idaho as too conservative to convert to their side.  We'll be watching to see if the GOP returns the attention that the Democrats are showing to the 'reddest of the red.'

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