As we first reported here, over 500 people showed up Friday afternoon to show their support for a protest against mandatory COVID vaccines by St. Al’s Hospital, according to a release.  The peaceful protest was sponsored by Take a Stand Now, a group of healthcare professionals and others who recently formed to oppose mandatory vaccines at St. Al’s, St. Luke’s, and Primary Heath.

Carrie Gray, the spokesperson for the group, says the community continues to show support for vaccines, but want a freedom of choice rather than the use of force.

“The argument has been made by the medical establishment that mandating healthcare workers to get vaccines is not a new policy. This policy is being forced into an extremely short and inflexible time window. When healthcare systems began mandating the influenza vaccine, it was encouraged and highly recommended for years prior to any form of mandate,” Gray said.

Gray said the three medical groups should take a more measured, well thought out plan over a longer period of time before rushing to mandates.


“Healthcare workers are requesting the same grace, respect and consideration they have in past vaccination protocols. This allowed first line responders like nurses, doctors, and others, to see the effectiveness and feel safe receiving the flu vaccine, she said.


The medical groups have set September 1st and 21st as deadlines. If the hospital groups and Primary Health follow through with the mandates and a mere 5% of staff are lost elective surgeries could be cancelled, nurses might be forced to work in areas they have no training, and ultimately sacrifice patient care Gray added.


They've launched a website to update the folks.


Monday, July 26th Primary Health Meridian 5pm -7pm 3280 E. Lanark Drive, Meridian, ID

Wednesday, July 28th St. Luke's- Boise 5pm-7pm 190 E. Bannock Street, Boise, ID.

Friday, July 30th St. Alphonsus Nampa 5pm-7pm E. Flamingo Avenue, Nampa, ID


Boise Hospital Workers Prostesters

Thousands gather at Saint Alphonsus in Boise

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