As the school year begins in Idaho, school districts large and small are now dealing with a controversial topic. Critical Race Theory? No, this topic is more polarizing than anything being investigated by the lieutenant governor's task force. The issue of whether or not schools should dictate a mask mandate is once again front and center.  

A group of parents in the Boise School District has formed to address mandatory mask mandates. The group is working to give students, teachers, and administrators the ability to choose to wear a mask or not. They've written the following letter to explain in further detail the purpose of their mission. 

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The Boise School District Parents' Association was recently formed following the Boise School Board's recent and unexpected re-instituting of the mask mandate for schools. In a short time, we have already grown to over 450 members. We are a group of parents, staff, and other interested parties who advocate for choice for all parents and children. We are pro-parent involvement and pro-parent choice regarding choosing what is best for our children within the school setting. Regarding COVID protocols, we believe that parents and staff should choose which precautions are taken for their own children and/or themselves. Parents and staff should choose whether or not to mask their children or themselves and which activities they participate in, rather than the district mandating masks and restricting activities or access to in-person education.

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We had approximately 65 members and supporters show up at the August 9, 2021, Boise school board meeting and peacefully protest the mask mandate that the school board recently approved during an emergency meeting with little public notice. Our members and supporters were wearing yellow shirts and masks, just as our fellow parents and staff in West Ada did last year. We are putting the school board on notice that we are not going to sit by while they take choice away from us and our kids again this year.

Anyone can support us by going to our facebook page "Boise School District Parents' Association" and ask to join. Also, please call the Boise school board at (208) 854-4123 and email the Board President, Dave Wagers, at and tell them that you support parent and student choice.

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