Boise State University has made a mistake that resembles something we'd more likely read about in the California school system than the Gem State's franchise college football. A liberal interest group called the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a complaint letter to Boise State President Doctor Marlene Tromp. What caused the letter was the photo of Boise State and BYU Football players kneeling in prayer after a football game.

Courtesy of Freedom From Religion Foundation
Courtesy of Freedom From Religion Foundation

Team Chaplain Pastor Mark Thornton led the players. I've known Pastor Thornton for years; everyone knows Pastor Thornton. He's a great man and in my opinion a great role model for all young people. According to the Desert News, the university legal counsel responding by cutting ties with the team's chaplain. There appears to be no due process in this case. Boise State University has surrendered to an out of state liberal group during the Christmas Season. So much for the spirit of the season.
The Deseret News continues to break down the details of the letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

"Claiming that the players can voluntarily seek out Thornton cannot cure this violation," the foundation's attorney claimed in the letter to the school. "First, players can seek out religious guidance at any of the other campus ministries or in the local community. The football team does not need to employ or host a volunteer chaplain — indeed, it cannot legally do so."
The organization also claimed that government chaplains may exist only to accommodate a public employee's religious beliefs when the government makes it difficult or impossible to seek out private ministries.

The Deseret News editorial takes the university to task for its politically correct action. You can read the editorial here.

What is troubling to us locally is that there aren't any editorials supporting the team's Pastor Mark Thornton. Where are the journalistic lions who have no problem calling out a former member of Congress for not wearing a mask at a mall? Why isn't this the lead story of every broadcast? Faith is such an essential part of our life here in Idaho. It's too bad the local press and Boise State decided to punt on representing the community they proclaim to serve.

If Boise State cared about serving the people of Idaho, it would give the Heisman to the Freedom From Religion Foundation. God Bless and Merry Christmas, everyone.



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