In a recent press release from the Caldwell Police Department, authorities announced the recovery of a stolen College of Idaho football helmet from Indian Creek Steakhouse. The theft happened on April 13th, 2024, and it prompted quick action by local law enforcement that ultimately led to the apprehension of 2 suspects.

According to the press release today, April 18th, 2024, officers responded to the incident, and despite some unsuccessful initial attempts to locate the suspect, 21-year-old Gabriel Martinez, and his accomplice, 21-year-old Adilene Hernandez, the authorities were able to track them down on the following night.

The stolen helmet was successfully recovered and returned to Indian Creek Steakhouse.

Here's an official Facebook post from the Caldwell Police Department:

After hearing about the incident, the College of Idaho's athletics department stepped in and gifted the restaurant with a new helmet signed by the current football team. This act of generosity and kindness allowed the restaurant to reinstate the cherished display.

According to the release from the Caldwell Police Department, Chief of Police, Rex Ingram, expressed his sentiments on the matter, stating, "I don’t blame this coward for wanting a relic of history, but really - take a picture, next time!” The collaborative effort between law enforcement, the local community, and the College of Idaho demonstrates the unity and support that is in the Treasure Valley.

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