The City of Caldwell is reaching out to the community, seeking dedicated and creative individuals to fill vacancies on the Caldwell Design Review Commission. This opportunity allows residents to actively play a role in the city's aesthetic and architectural decisions, and ultimately shaping the community's future.

These are volunteer positions that come with a three-year term, and applicants must have lived within the city limits for at least one year prior to their term of service. Below are more details regarding these roles and some of the city's plans.

According to the City of Caldwell's press release, there are scheduled monthly meetings (1-2 hours) for members of the Caldwell Design Review Commission that are typically held on Tuesdays at noon. The City encourages those interested to apply, emphasizing that training will be provided to successful candidates.

Read here for more about Caldwell's new plans for the city.

Community involvement is essential to creating a vibrant and cohesive city, and the Design Review Commission plays a crucial role in ensuring that Caldwell maintains a visually appealing and functional environment for its residents.

Futuristic individuals with a passion for community design are especially encouraged to apply, and preference will be given to those with relevant experience. Applications can be accessed here under "City Commissions and Boards," or by reaching out to the Planning & Zoning Department at 208-455-4664.

This initiative underscores Caldwell's commitment to embracing civic engagement and creating a city that reflects the values and aspirations of its residents.

Read here for more about Caldwell's new plans for the city.

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