I thought the medical community was supposed to be nonpartisan. I also thought that last week's swearing-in of the two new Ada County Commissioners would be without controversy. So much for my bright ideas. We now have the Republican Commissioners Beck and Davidson under investigation for alleged violations of the state's sunshine/open meetings law by Canyon County Prosecutor Bryan Taylor.  You can read the news details here from the Idaho Press.

Last week, the two Republicans mentioned that they would like former Congressman Raul Labrador to fill an open seat. Kendra Kenyan, the only Democrat on the commission, wondered if the two had violated the sunshine law if they had agreed on the Labrador pick earlier. Now magically, we have another candidate for the unpaid board seat. That candidate is Idaho's top infectious disease expert Dr. Sky Blue.

The Labrador pick opponents have taken to social media to lobby for Dr. Blue or Congressman Labrador.

So the two Republicans will have to pick between their loyal friend and someone of the people.  Or Idaho's top infectious disease expert?  Once again, Idaho is divided along political lines.  Supporters of Labrador want to limit the power of health districts across the state.  It is my belief that his appointment was a signal that the voters will now get a voice in the board's decisions.

The appointment of Dr. Blue would reinforce the medical communities concerns over a lack of public safety when dealing with the pandemic.  What's the answer?  The lesson here is that regardless of who gets the votes to the unpaid position, someone will be angry.  We need less angry and more understanding.  Unfortunately, that is not going to happen this week.

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