The following is my opinion on how the debacle that was last night's Central District Health meeting could've been avoided.  It is a failure of leadership when we have a forum that is adjourned because of safety concerns.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean ordered the health district meeting shutdown over security concerns.  Here is what happened according to the Boise Police Department release:

Boise Police had a large number of officers at tonight’s Central District Health board meeting. Due to the large crowd size, concurrent reports of protestors causing disturbances at or near the homes of board members, a disturbance inside of the meeting, and other significant calls for service, BPD requested the CDH meeting adjourn in the interest of public safety.

Due to the totality of the events, there was concern that officers would not be able to maintain public order. Officers priority was to deescalate the situation and not create an environment where officers had to use increased force. We also had to ensure we had resources available to adequately respond to needs across the city.

What happened: Boise Police were on scene at Central District Health and had information that some members of the crowd intended to disrupt the meeting by forcing their way in the building.  At the same time, officers received reports of protestors at some board members’ homes and immediately responded. They found evidence that indicates protesters were at a minimum of three different board members’ homes. Investigators have identified some of the people involved and are securing warrants for their arrest on charges of disturbing the peace in the neighborhood.

Also tonight CDH trespassed one person from inside their building after that person refused to follow CDH rules. Officers attempted to gain voluntary compliance from that person, but the subject refused to leave and was placed under arrest by a representative of CDH for misdemeanor trespassing. BPD took custody of the citizen’s arrest and took the subject to the Ada County Jail.

One person was arrested and the peaceful protest had to be shutdown?  Was it really necessary?  The reason for the reaction is that people feel marginalized and ignored.  So they've gathered together to make their voices heard.  On the other hand, a group of folks decided to go to the homes of some of the board members.  Here is a video of a group of protestors outside of Dianna Lachiondo's house.

What playing excerpts from the film Scarface does to advance the conversation is beyond me?  There is a balance between leadership and harassment.  Governor Little took to twitter to express his views on the protest last night.


It's time for our elected leaders to listen to their constituents.  Leadership is never easy and if they can't handle leading us through this crisis, then it's time to get new leaders.  It's time for the mayor and the health district board members to make themselves available to the public.  I'd invite the mayor and any board members to come on with me on the morning show.




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