A little over a year has passed since Conservative Activist turned Talk Show Host Charlie Kirk visited Idaho. Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, left quite the impression during his brief three-day trip to the Gem State. Whether you agree with the young man or not, not even his harshest critic can deny his work ethic. Kirk told the over 800 attendees at Freedomstand 2021 at Meridian's Capital Church that he produces two podcasts a day and a three-hour national talk show while traveling and giving speeches over three hundred days a year.

Kirk answered every question while appearing at the Nampa Civic Center, as you can see from the Tweet above. The question and Kirk's answer were quickly picked up nationally by Newsweek.  (Kirk is a contributor to that publication.)  The timing of the incident was the same day that a fatal shooting occurred at the Boise Town Square Mall. The Idaho Press details the entire night here.

Before the Freedom Stand event, Kirk spoke at Boise State University addressing a variety of issues.  He was asked about Critical Race Theory being taught in Idaho Public Schools.  You can watch the entire presentation below.

During his appearance at Capital Church, a gun-free event, Ammon Bundy showed up with his gun and was escorted out before he could enter the church.  You can see what happened below.

Mr. Bundy's comments about disarming Idahoans at the event echoed some of the comments of some of the attendees.  He said, "I'm really surprised at a Charlie Kirk event that they would not let me in."

Kirk spoke to the crowd and answered questions for over an hour and a half before departing for another location.

Charlie Kirk Returning to Idaho Freedom Stand 2021

Ammon Bundy for Governor Event

President Biden Arrives in Boise

President Biden is greeted by protesters during his visit to Boise, Idaho.




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