Unless Governor Otter vetoes any bills left at his desk by the state legislature, the legislative year is officially done.  New year equals new laws.  Here's a look at some of the new rules that will be going into effect.

On an editorial note, it is extremely disappointing that our state representatives and senators failed to look at repealing the state's grocery tax.  Their inaction will have consequences on the campaign trail for several candidates seeking the same or higher offices.

Here's a look at some of the new laws thanks to the Idaho Statesman.

Idaho citizens now enjoy the freedom to breastfeed in public thanks to H 448.  Apparently, our elected officials were worried about law enforcement prosecuting public breastfeeders.

A victory for Pro Live forces in the state happened in S 1243.  The bill requires a woman to be told of a procedure that reverses the abortion pill.  H 638 needs a report to the department of health if there are issues during the abortion.

S 1313 is the stand your ground bill that Second Amendment Activists have been trying to pass for years.  Governor Otter allowed the bill to become law without his signature.  Would have he vetoed it if this were not an election year?  You can now use deadly force if you feel threatened at home, business, or in a car.

My personal favorite is H 471.  Slow drivers in the left-hand lane are now lawbreakers.  If you're deemed too slow, you'll get a ticket.  For a complete list of new laws and others that didn't make it, check out Idaho Statesman.

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