What a difference a month can make in the world we live in.  A month ago, the economy was rolling along, folks were planning their vacation trips on airplanes and cruise ships, and surgical masks were affordable.

That was then and this is today, the airline industry fears that the panic over the Coronavirus could reach post 911 levels.  Industry insiders fear the cruise industry might never recover from the massive influx of cancellations.  How did this happen?  Why is it happening?  The run on surgical masks have gotten so out of hand that Ebay has banned their sale because of price gauging.

The fear of Coronavirus has caused event planners around the world to cancel their events for fear of furthering contamination.  Is it that bad?  Public health officials have urged the public to remain calm.  The situation has gotten political with all the usual suspects blaming each other, rather than seek a solution.  Here's a list from the Centers for Disease Control on how you can protect yourself from the Coronavirus.

The world has faced contagious diseases before this current one.  However, the world has never been so economically dependent on each country being part of the global economy.  Fears over this virus has caused some economist to speculate that the Chinese Economy could take a major hit.

One has to remember that the world has faced down much more dangerous pandemics than the current one.

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