The U.S. Supreme Court building
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So the same party that enjoyed the tryanny of the bench for the last 50 years has had it with lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court?   Apparently the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg has caused the liberal to rethink their positions on the Supreme Court.  Remember, the last several years SCOTUS has ruled in favor of gay marriage, Obama Care and Transgender Rights.  But now, faced with the possibility of a Conservative SCOTUS, the Democrats are going crazy.

Nancy Pelosi has threatened everything from impeachment part 2 to shutting down the government to prevent President Trump from adding another judge to SCOTUS.  Other Democrats have said they will add more judges and even adding more states if the court finally goes Conservative.  President Trump is rumored to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett reports CNN.

Now here comes the term limit proposal, Democrats to propose 18 Year Term Limit For Supreme Court Justices House Democrats will be introducing a bill that would limit the term for a Supreme Court Justice to 18 years. Under the plan, each president would nominate two justices during a four-year term.

The current Supreme Court would be exempt from the term limits. California Rep. Ro Khanna says term limits would "save the country a lot of agony and help lower the temperature over fights for the court". The legislation will be introduced next week. What do you think of 18-year term limits with a new justice being appointed every two years?  Are lifetime appointments part of why Supreme Court battles feel so intense?

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