Last week the nation was buzzing about a North Carolina man who successfully sued his wife's lover for breaking up their marriage?  Is adultery against the law?  Well, you can look at your bible or you can see if your state is one of the 6 states that have 'Homewrecker Laws.'  What is a homewrecker law?  Is Idaho one of the 6 states?  Read here to find out.

‘Homewrecker Laws’ Still on the Books in 6 States If you’re married and still acting single, you will have to pay to play if you live in North Carolina, Mississippi, Utah, Hawaii, South Dakota or New Mexico. Just ask a North Carolina man who was recently awarded $750,00 in a lawsuit filed against his ex-wife’s boyfriend. The law broken is called Alienation of Affections, which means you knowingly hook up with a married person.

As long as you can prove that you were happily married before the cheating took place, you’ll have a better chance of winning the lawsuit. North Carolina does not play when comes to marriage. Broken vows have broken banks for cheaters as high as a $30 million payoff. If you are a homewrecker, you better watch where you park it! Do you think the Alienation of Affections law is fair?

So far Idaho Legislators have not begun the process or discussed introducing a bill that could become a 'Homewrecker Law.'



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