The Idaho transgender inmate who wants the state to pay for their transformation appears to have gotten their way. The convicted sex offender Adree Edmo has sued the state charging that they have a condition known as gender dysphoria.  Edmo sued the state wanting Idaho to pay for the surgery.  Their attorneys argued that Edmo is a victim of cruel and unusual punishment.  The US Supreme Court ruled that there will be no stay to delay the surgery reports, the Idaho Press.

The ruling supersedes prison officials' decision to put the surgery on hold while they wait for the results of their appeal to an earlier decision. Adree Edmo has been incarcerated in a men's prison since 2012, when they were sentenced for sexually abusing a child younger than 16. Claiming they have gender dysphoria, Edmo filed a lawsuit against the state three years ago because prison officials refused to allow her to undergo surgery.

While waiting for the case to go to court, they tried to cut off her testicles twice in her prison cell, attorney Lori Rifkin says. The case has drawn the attention of Governor Brad Little, who's said Edmo shouldn't be allowed to use taxpayers' money to pay for a procedure that non-criminals' insurance policies wouldn't cover. Edmo is scheduled to be released in July 2021.


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