Kevin Miller begins the program by looking at whether or not tariffs on steel and aluminum are good for the economy.  He explains to the Treasure Valley how they can win tickets to the rock group Metallica in the 6am and 8am hours of the program.  Kevin Miller introduces the topic of the Oakland Mayor who tipped off the illegals that ICE was coming to get them.  Several listeners called in to voice their opinions on sanctuary cities, illegals, and the tariff issue.Today's guests:   7 a.m. –  Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association discusses the breakdown of the family by the left in the U.S.  8 a.m. – Dr Gerard Lameiro of looks forward to the 2020 Presidential election.  Kevin Miller breaks the news that there's been a shooting at Central Michigan University where two people have been killed. 8:35 a.m. – David Ripley of Idaho Chooses Life talks about bills currently in the Idaho legislature.

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