Kevin Miller begins today's show by looking at few local, state, and national issues.  He teases the latest from Preston, Idaho.  Kevin Miller interviews an expert from the Media Research Center on national issues.  Kevin Miller reports that the state of Idaho has seized the snapping turtle from the middle school teacher.  Kevin Miller takes calls and then goes over the fight for gun control in Idaho.  Several folks call in to share their views on the state's proposal to expand the stand your ground law. Today's guest:  8 a.m. - Helen Raleigh from the Centennial Institute and Colorado Christian University discusses North Korea - are they really seeking peace, or setting a trap?  Kevin Miller takes calls on the Idaho State Legislatures debate over revising the state's trespassing laws.  Kevin Miller introduces the topic of sixty minutes interviewing exotic dancer Stormy Daniels on her alleged relationship with President Donald Trump.

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