Kevin Miller reports on the the high cost of higher education in the state of Idaho.  Several listeners called in questioning the value of college.  Kevin Miller switches topics to look at the James Comey memos that most people are talking about on the air.

Today's guests:

7 a.m. – Hollywood filmmaker Mark Ciardi joined us with an update on his newest movie, “Chappaquiddick”

7:35 a.m. – Candidate for Idaho Governor, Tommy Ahlquist joined Kevin in-studio and answered listener questions.  Kevin Miller and Tommy talked about his plan education, employment and his plan to grow the Idaho economy.

8 a.m. – Also running for Idaho Governor, Steve Pankey called in to detail his agenda if he’s elected.  Mr. Pankey reveals that Idaho Public Television will not let him debate the other candidates.

8:35 a.m. – Bridget Frank, the mother of a military veteran who took his own life, promotes “Ride 22” this weekend, to raise awareness about the issue.

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