Today's guests: 6 a.m. – Nick Kangadis of the Media Research Center exposes the double standard that exists for conservatives in the media.  Kevin Miller and Nick discuss the Samantha Bee verbal attack on Ivanka Trump.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the celebrity double standard in today's media.  Kevin Miller continues his series on the ever escalating costs of property taxes in Ada and Canyon Counties.  Several folks call in to voice their concern about losing their homes to higher taxes ; 7:35 a.m. – Fox News Radio’s Rachel Sutherland has the latest on President Trump and North Korea ;  8 a.m. – Dr  Roger Klein explains the recently passed Right to Try law for cancer patients ; 8:35am – Fox News’ Jeff Monosso says Vegas could lose millions every day if workers strike.  Kevin Miller reports on the newly released historic low May jobs report.  Kevin Miller compares the Trump Economy to the Obama Economy.

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