Kevin Miller starts the 14th season of Promoting our Schools and Securing your Future from Nampa Christian High School this morning.  Kevin Miller interviewed teachers and students who explained what it was like to attend Nampa Christian High School.  Kevin Miller took calls from listeners reacting to last night's Democratic Presidential Debate.  One major publication picked a winner.  Who Won Last Night's Debate? Ten Democratic 2020 hopefuls spent three hours on the debate stage Thursday night.  So who won?  According to the New York Times, it was Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The Times polled several political analysts who agreed that Warren was the "best communicator" and "solidly on message". Experts say Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Kamala Harris both had strong moments, but were not as consistent as Warren. Former Vice President Joe Biden, meanwhile, started out strong but faltered later when his record on race issues came up.   Kevin Miller asked the audience the following questions:  Who do you think won the debate?  Did any of the lower-polling candidates catch your attention?  Kevin Miller then took a look at a celebrity that could be doing hard time.  Felicity Huffman is about to be the first parent sentenced in connection with the infamous college admissions scandal. The former Desperate Housewives star is due to appear in federal court in Boston for her sentencing after pleading guilty to charges of conspiracy and fraud for paying $15,000 to boost her child's SAT scores. Prosecutors are recommending one month in prison, while Huffman's lawyers are hoping for their client to get off with community service and a $20,000 fine.   Kevin Miller shared the following:  do you think Huffman deserves jail time?  Will she get a lighter sentence because she pleaded guilty early on?





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