Kevin's bi-annual trek to local schools to promote education kicks-off today at Compass Public Charter School in Meridian.  Once a week thru the Fall, it's "Promote Our Schools - Secure Our Future"..  Interviews with the staff and students.  Kevin Miller reports on the latest on Hurricane Fran hitting North Carolina and South Carolina.  He takes calls from listeners reacting to his critique of the media deploying several reporters, producers, and resources to the impacted area.

Kevin Miller reports on the reaction to the last week's congressional hearings on social media giants Facebook, Google, and others.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners throughout the Treasure Valley who believe the media is biased against conservatives.

Kevin Miller shares with the KIDO Talk Radio audience that Paul Manafort has decided to plead guilty as part of a plea bargain deal with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.  Kevin Miller reminds everyone to tune in to Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Lars Larson for continuing coverage of this story.

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