Harley Brown, the man who captured the nation by storm in 2014, is back for another run at being Idaho's next governor.  Brown was known for his controversial and funny comments during the only gubernatorial debate in 2014.  This one debate garnered a ton of national press coverage from The Late Late Show to Hardball with Chris Mathews.  Brown tells Kevin Miller that he wants to represent every Idahoan.  Unlike most politicians, he has nothing but praise for fellow Republican Contenders Lieutenant Governor Brad Little, Congressman Raul Labrador, and Doctor Tommy Ahlquist.

Brown is a proud Navy Veteran, an engineer, and a biker.  He describes himself as a fiscal conservative.  Just like in 2014, he doesn't have a problem with Gay Marriage.

Voters in Idaho can expect a lot of fireworks from Brown on the trail.  If you haven't had a chance to check out Brown's performance in 2014, check out the videos here.

Here's Harley on Hardball

The Late Late Show

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