Governor Brad Little  joined KIDO Talk Radio's Kevin Miller this morning at 810am. The governor shared his thought process on issuing his stay at home order.  He spoke about the Blaine County situation and shared his concern for rural Idaho. He discussed the economic impact that stay at home has had on the state's economy. KIDO Talk Radio will carry the governor's announcement today at 11am.  Kevin Miller is now taking your phone calls following the governor's statement.

The governor went over how the state is coping with the coronavirus in Idaho.  He praised the state's medical staff in handling the crisis in Idaho.  The governor said he is not a fan of over regulation.  "It interesting the order, about the compliance of it.  My stay at home order mirrors CDC and President Trump.  We want people to know this is serious."  The gratifying thing for me, is the complance.  Governor Little shared that his friends have criticized him.

Kevin Miller will take your calls till 10am this morning and then our coverage will begin at 11am on KIDO Talk Radio.  Please stay safe!

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