For most folks, heck most people worldwide, the age of 72 is where most people relax and retire.  It's hard to believe in the age of the Millennial Generation that our most established political leaders are in their 70s.  President Trump is 73 and former Vice President Joe Biden is 76.  Apparently, some political leaders do not want to spend their golden years on the beach and enjoying life.  It appears one former US First Fady, Secretary of State, US Senator, wants one more shot at the White House.

Hillary Clinton has been busy the last four weeks.  Her husband former President Bill Clinton, said recently that his wife has not ruled out another run.  You can view the clip here.  Hillary Clinton has also called current Democratic Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard either a useful idiot or a plant for the Russians.  Now she hits another candidate.

Hillary Clinton doesn't think Elizabeth Warren's Medicare For All proposal is a practical one.In a recent interview, Clinton said Warren's plan is "the right goal", but was highly skeptical that it could pass Congress.Clinton said the "smarter approach" to health care reform would be to "build on what we have" with a public option.Last month, Warren revealed her plan to pay for Medicare For All without a middle-class tax hike, by taxing private-sector employers and the wealthy.

hat do you think ?  Should Hillary run one more time?  Do you think 'Medicare For All' is the best option?  Would it ever pass Congress?  Should Hillary be commenting on the 2020 election?

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