Responding to the number one issue impacting Idahoans, the Idaho House voted to freeze property taxes on homes for one year. The vote was 46-23, and now the bill would head to the state senate. If passed by the legislature, it will be up to Governor Little to sign the bill that would give Idaho Homeowners a welcomed relief from the continued escalating home property taxes.
Governor Little stated last week that he didn't believe the bill would make it to his desk. Legislators have had their fill of constituents fearing they will lose their homes because of the rising taxes on homeownership.
House Majority Leader Republican Mike Moyle wrote the bill after hearing from folks who can't afford the continued rise in taxes.
Moyle has warned that if the legislature doesn't pass a bill, he will lead an initiative to help Idaho homeowners. All the Democrats in the House voted against the bill along with nine Republicans.
County and City leaders have publically decried the bill saying its passing will be catastrophic to their abilities to run their organizations. They argue that without the additional taxes, they will have to cut essential services. Moyle has told us that those organizations have to do a better job of managing their resources. He points out how several cities and counties have increased spending in the last several years. We will continue to watch this story and give you updates as they happen.

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