The House of Representatives voted to block the United States Department of Justice from enforcing federal laws against marijuana legalization in states where it's legal.For those who take a puff in states that have made it legal like our neighboring Western states such as Oregon, Washington, California, and Colorado, will not have to fear a raid from the federal government. The Democrat-led House has just told the US Justice Department to stand down, voting 267-165 to block them from interfering where recreational cannabis has been approved.

Those who work to bring about legalization across America hailed Thursday's decision, claiming it signals support for bringing the end to its prohibition. The amendment was part of a bill to fund parts of the federal government in the 2020 fiscal year.

The bill will now move on to the United States Senate where most political experts believe it will have a very different reception.  Senate Republicans have been very reluctant to look at decriminalizing marijuana.

There has been no reaction of record from the Department of Justice at this time.  States across the country continue to vote to decriminalize marijuana through their legislatures.  New York state recently voted to decriminalize marijuana reports 7News.

Governor Little has publicly stated that he will oppose legalizing marijuana in Idaho.  Grassroots groups have organized a petition drive to put the legalization of medical marijuana on the ballot in 2020.

No statement from the White House has been made at this time.


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