Like so many people, I figured that I could handle losing weight. We all make so many excuses. Too much work, not enough time, too many commitments.  Then something happened to me. No, it wasn’t the numerous warning signs of being morbidly obese that I’ve ignored year after year.  Whether it’s being on medication to treat high blood pressure or my complete lack of physical fitness, nothing seemed to motivate me to begin the journey towards wellness.  Heck, I’ve had this website for years and this is my second post!

It all began with a friend of mine named Tommy Alhquist, who had just had a serious heart procedure.  I spoke with him about my plan to help others lose weight by trying to do so myself.  Tommy liked the idea and said I should speak with Kristen.  After spending a few hours with Kristin Armstrong, of Pivot, she suggested I see her doctor, who after examining me, referred me to a cardiologist.  The goal was to get a clean bill of health to begin the once promised exercise program.

Kevin Miller . KIDO Talk Radio

The cardiologist had me take a stress test.  No big deal, I thought.  Well, it didn’t turn out as I had planned, so another test was ordered.  I can remember getting the phone call last week thinking I’m in the clear.  It will be just like last time, I thought.  Eghh, I was so wrong.  Apparently my heart had some issues that required a heart cath.  Some people thought I would have to get a heart bypass or a stent at the age of fifty-one.

Thankfully, the test showed I didn’t need the additional work.  However, I am on new medication and must begin a program of diet and exercise for the rest of my life.  The goal is to get my heart healthy in order to live a lot longer. So, I'm beginning to documenting my journey in the hopes that you’ll join me.   If you have any pain or pressure in your chest, please consult with a doctor.  I've wasted enough time to share with you that it's a great investment to know how healthy your heart really is.


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