Every Idaho morning is an adventure on KIDO Talk Radio.  I really enjoy our contributors who will research and site sources when making their points.  In the old days, media controlled the message, today everyone is a messenger of opinion and news.Years ago, I attended a Talk Radio summit in New York City. One of the topics presented by the organizers was the future of media. The speaker said that in the future, everyone could and should be their own media station. Today, we call them platforms, but virtually through social media, everyone is a station/platform.

Specifically, Facebook is a large conduit for folks to get their message out. Now Facebook has said they will look at limiting 'political posts.' The company says that only six percent of interaction is political, reports CNN.

How will this impact Idaho Conservatives? I'm proud of so many of you that have developed your media sites. We've had several of our contributors being taken off of Facebook for their posts.

To some, it's a badge of honor to have been in Facebook jail. Tom Munds of the John Birch Society has shared how he was zapped offline for a few days because the company deemed his comments unacceptable.

Tea Party Bob, the Gem State Patriot founder, told us that Facebook removed his articles. He continued that the platform did not provide him any reason or ability to appeal his decision. Without Facebook, content providers will be a challenge to get their message out to the public. Tea Party Bob has told us he is leaving Facebook for another outlet. By the way, the Gem State Patriot is collecting funds to help the families of the three Idaho National Guard Pilots who died in a crash last week.

Social Media has made a difference in Idaho. Greg Pruett, Idaho Dispatch, has launched a site committed to political news. His Facebook page continues to grow because Idahoans want their information from other sources. The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has been responsible for strengthening the Second Amendment in Idaho.

The danger in Facebook's impending censorship is that it will be one-sided. If Conservatives have no voice, they will create their platform. Segregating ideas is about as unamerican as you can get. Let's hope that Facebook reconsiders their 'new direction.'

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