Idaho has a history of being one of the most Conservative states in our great country. Our state is so popular it is the fastest-growing state in the country. However, something is happening in Idaho that is disturbing newcomers and folks who've been here for some time. Idahoans are disappointed in their elected officials.

The recent debacle that was the last session proves that most Idahoans are left on their own when it comes to standing up to the feds. Remember the comments from Speaker Bedke saying the legislature needs to return to fight Joe Biden? Did the legislature send a message to Biden by passing a resolution? If so, we'd score the round Joe 1 Idaho O. The tragedy of the lost legislative opportunity is that Idahoans were looking for protection from Biden's vaccination mandate.

President Biden
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The Idaho Army and Air Guard were forced to take the Biden shot. Not one Idaho politician or media outlet, besides this one, spoke out for our protectors. Let me rephrase that statement, the lieutenant governor, and a few Conservative Legislators voiced their approval. Unfortunately, the media didn't cover the story, thus covering the elected officials who say one thing and do another.


Legislators vow that the upcoming session next year will be different. Sadly, most of us believe it will be more of the same. If voters are truly tired of their elected leaders not looking out for them, then it's time to select new ones. 2022's session will be the beginning of another election cycle. If our current politicians continue their lack of productive ways, then it's time to elect new ones who will be faithful servants of the people.

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