Remember the old days in the Gem State when we were the best-kept secret in America? Those days are over now that everyone is writing about what's happening in Idaho. I can't remember a more recent run were such an eclectic mix of publications reporting on what's happening in Idaho. 

Let's get to a few of the reports on our home state. The first one is the latest from the Associated Press. They detail the contest within the Idaho Republican Party. Is this a fair assessment of the place that you live in?   

"The dream world for Idaho's ascendant far right is one where state lawmakers run a sovereign nation-state free of federal oversight. It would be a place where they can outlaw all abortions, dictate what is taught in schools, have complete say over public health rules and gun laws, and take control of federal public lands, which make up more than 60% of the state."

Most folks who live in Idaho, like those across the country, love their kids and are worried about their future. They're not some remote extremist mongers who are looking to secede from the nation.  

Not to be outdone by the Associated Press, the Guardian gave its own spin the contest within the state Republican Party.  

"Idaho’s rightward political lurch has immersed the state’s Republicans in a political civil war that now extends all the way from the grassroots to the executive mansion."

The article looks at the upcoming Republican Gubernatorial Primary focusing on Brad Little, Janice McGeachin, and Ammon Bundy. Although the report provides extensive background on the recent acts of political activists, one could get the wrong idea that all Idahoans are rabble-rousers.  

"The Daily Beast looked at the nonpolitical cost of living in Ketchum. Here's their lead.

But the situation is becoming so dire in the wake of COVID-19 that city officials are considering an unusual range of quick fixes—including building tent cities and RV parks for the common folk in the ultra-rich mountain town, where the median home listing price is hovering above $900,000."

Contrary to the lead, there are still affordable places to live in Idaho. Could there be a silver lining from these national stories? The answer would be yes; perhaps some of the folks reading those articles will convince them not to move to Idaho?

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