Remember when the government first introduced the 'do not call list?'  The promises of relief from pesky telemarketers have disappeared faster than a landline.  Now one government agency is warning you about a new way thieves are truing to scare you out of your hard earned money.  So far they stolen millions from your fellow Americans. The Federal Trade Commission is warning people about a Social Security scam that's already cost unsuspecting victims more than $17 million. The scam is initiated with a robocall, which informs each victim, "There is a legal enforcement action filed on your social security number for criminal activity," according to the FTC.

The recording goes on to say, "All your social benefits will be canceled" until action is taken. That action, of course, involves wiring money or sending gift cards to the scammers in exchange for "clearing" or "re-activating" the victim's Social Security account. FTC officials say they've received more than 73,000 complaints about the scam since January. They're reminding people that government agencies will never ask for money to be wired or accept gift cards as payments.

Questions continue to remain on how the scammers get your number.  Similar scams have happened on the local level here in Idaho.  One person shared that someone called her saying she had better give them her credit card so her grandson could get out of jail.  Have you ever fallen for a scam? Have you ever outsmarted a scammer?


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