As we reported Wednesday, Idaho's lieutenant-governor met with former President Trump recently at Trump Tower, discussing the future of the Republican Party and Critical Race Theory taught in schools. The former president is the most sought-after politician in America, so how did Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin get the audience with the former president?

It all comes down to the popularity of a cable talk show host that the former president watched every night on the Fox News Channel. "It began with my appearance on the Tucker Carlson show, " McGeachin told us this morning. "On the show, I mentioned our efforts, and I gave some thanks and kudos to President Trump on his efforts in the same area. It was after that interview that I received a personal phone call from President Trump, and he wanted to thank me for my efforts and the kindness that I expressed towards him and what he had done to help and support Americans."

President Donald Trump
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Their phone conversation moved on to other topics such as the election process, security, and the situation at the border. President Trump then invited Lieutenant Governor McGeachin to speak with him in person at Trump Tower. The lieutenant governor represented the Trump Campaign at the GOP Convention in Cleveland as a delegate. Although she was flying across the country, her thoughts of Idaho were never far from her mind. "It was a very humbling experience to meet with our president; I felt what an honor it was to see the president on behalf of Idaho and Idahoans. It was a cool feeling."

President Trump
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The lieutenant governor said she was struck by how human President Trump was in their in-person meeting. They spoke about how crime rates are rising in New York City, critical race theory, the border crisis, what states can do to keep America great, and election integrity. "He's a very real person," she said. McGeachin further explained, "We were talking we were sharing our ideas, and the president listened, he sat there asked us questions and gave us ideas. We were very pleased with the response from our president."

President Trump And Melania Trump Lead Moment Of Silence For 9/11 Victims
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Did President Trump endorse Janice McGeachin for Governor? We did ask her that question, and here's her response. "No, he did not; that was not the purpose of our visit; I wanted him to know that he knew that I was running for governor and what I would do in my capacity and how I would work to shore up the same efforts and initiatives that our president has."

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