Will, former President Donald Trump, play a part in the upcoming Idaho Gubernatorial Primary? We've lobbied the former president when he was president to visit our great state. Four years ago, a visit or a tweet could've swung the competitive primary between Brad Little, Raul Labrador, and Tommy Ahlquist to someone other than the eventual winner Little.

The New York Times did an intensive story on how folks in Washington prevented President Trump from endorsing Congressman Labrador. The report detailed a compilation of Labrador criticizing the president during the presidential primary. Here is the detailed account of how concerned Idaho Political Operatives were about the president's influence in Idaho:

The president's relative political inexperience also left him open to manipulation by aides and allies with agendas of their own. When a group of lawmakers and White House aides lobbied Mr. Trump to endorse Representative Raul Labrador, a hard-liner running for governor in Idaho, supporters of a competing candidate, Lt. Gov. Brad Little, sprang into action. They assembled footage of Mr. Labrador criticizing Mr. Trump during the 2016 primary, when he was backing Senator Ted Cruz, and steered it to the West Wing.

The endorsement was off. The day after Idaho's primary, Mr. Trump phoned the triumphant Mr. Little and, unaware of the tape's genesis, asked: "Did you see that video?"

Now that the former president is free to travel, will he endorse a Gem State candidate? Did you know each of the three major declared candidates does have a connection to President Donald Trump. Let's look at who has the best relationship that could lead to an endorsement and possible victory because of that endorsement.  


The White House Connection

Governor Brad Little may not seem like a front runner for a possible endorsement, but he did form meaningful relationships with the Trump White House during the Covid Crisis. The governor did speak at the White House while being praised for his leadership by the president. Could we see Mike Pence endorsing Little? The governor was very close to the vice president during their weekly calls. A Pence endorsement would be a compelling argument for a Little reelection.  

Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio

The Trump Delegate

Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin was a Trump Delegate to the GOP Convention in 2016. She has consistently been compared to him during her four-year term. Her recent appearance on Fox News could've gotten the attention of President Trump. An endorsement for her would wipe out any advantage of the money, the incumbency, or name recognition. Does she have the political connections to make that happen?

Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio

The Young Conservative

Ed Humphrey is the youngest candidate running to be the Republican nominee for governor. Although we do not know if he's connected to any member or President Trump's team, he does have a very influential Conservative Allie. Mr. Humphreys has been working with the young Conservative Group, Turning Point USA, led by Charlie Kirk. Mr. Kirk is very close to the Trump family. Could he be a conduit for the significant endorsement? Will he endorse Ed for Idaho?  

Regardless if he endorses anyone in Idaho, we would all welcome the president to visit our great state.  

Joe Biden
Scott Olson/GGetty Images

We've covered a possible President Trump endorsement, but what about a visit from President Joe Biden?  Idaho has hosted President Obama in the past, would a Biden endorsement help Idaho Democrats?  We'll have to stay tuned to see if that happens.

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