Recently we've begun a campaign driving by you to invite the president to Idaho.  We've had several folks call in voicing their support for a presidential visit to the Gem State.  You can read our first first blog asking President Trump to visit here.  Last week, we had a chance to interview the president's son Eric.

Eric Trump
Elsa/Getty Images

Mr. Trump thanked the folks who have and continue to support the Trump Administration.  He urged voters to vote for Republicans in the November midterms.  Mr. Trump pointed out the incredible 4.2 GDP since his father took office.  The record numbers of folks who are working that were unemployed during the last administration.

We then asked him how we can get President Trump to visit Idaho.  He replied, "he loves the state, I love the state, we all love the state.we'll be there, he'll be there, believe me he'll be there.  He's fighting very hard for the house and senate."

You can hear the entire interview with Eric Trump below.

We appreciate Eric Trump joining us to give us an update from the White House.  We will continue to work to bring President Trump to Idaho.  Stay Tuned!

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